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Vintage Trifari Double Leaves Necklace
Vintage 1950s Trifari Matte Goldtone Double Leaves Necklace, very good condition with minor aging. S..
Vintage Trifari Two-tone Oval Links Necklace
Size: 15" length, 32 x 12mm centerpiece Signed with the Trifari tag. Good condition, slight ..
Retro Trifari Baroque Faux Pearl Earrings
Retro 1980s Trifari Baroque Faux Pearl Earrings, for pierced ears. The earring clutches are signed '..
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Retro Trifari Pearl Rhombus Filigree Earrings
Retro 1980s Trifari Pearl Rhombus Filigree Earrings, clip earrings. Signed 'TRIFARI™'. Excellent con..
Vintage Trifari Rope Knot Brooch
Vintage 1960s Trifari Rope Knot Brooch, signed 'TRIFARI©'. Excellent condition, plating is still shi..
Vintage Trifari Twist Winged Modernist Brooch
Vintage 1960s Trifari Twist Winged Modernist Brooch, signed 'TRIFARI©' with the crown motif above th..
Vintage Trifari Radiating Heart Earrings
Vintage 1950s 1960s Trifari Radiating Heart Rhinestone Goldtone Earrings, clip earrings. Signed 'TRI..
Vintage Trifari Pearl Dangling Plume Earrings
Vintage 1950s Trifari Pearl Dangling Plume Goldtone Earrings, clip earrings. Signed 'Trifari' with t..
Vintage Trifari Squiggle Goldtone Necklace
Size: 14.25" - 16.25" adjustable,18 - 33mm centerpiece height Signed 'Trifari Pat Pend' on the ..
Vintage Trifari Matte Goldtone Leaf Necklace
Size: 14" - 15.5" adjustable length, 15mm width Signed 'TRIFARI ©'. Very good condition, one le..
Vintage Trifari Golden Leaves Bracelet
Size: 7.25" length, 19mm width Signed '©TRIFARI' with the crown logo above the T. Fine-good con..
Vintage Trifari Grapes Faux Pearl Brooch
Size: 57 x 39mm Signed 'TRIFARI ©'. Very good - excellent condition, slight scuffs on the faux pear..
Vintage Trifari Golf Clubs Brooch
Size: 24 x 81mm Signed 'TRIFARI' with a crown symbol above the 'T'. Good condition, plating wea..
Vintage Trifari White Enamel Curl Brooch
Size: 40 x 50mm Signed 'TRIFARI' with the crown symbol above 'T'. Good condition with minor agi..
Vintage Trifari White Beaded Necklace
Size: 45" length, 11mm beads Has the Trifari logo tag. Very good condition with some aging on t..
Vintage Trifari Checkered Goldtone Bangle
Size: slightly under 7" circumference, 8mm width Signed 'TRIFARI' with the crown logo. Good con..
Vintage Trifari Orange Beaded 3-Strand Bracelet
Size: about 7.5" length, about 38mm width Signed 'TRIFARI' with the crown symbol above the 'T'. Rep..
Vintage Trifari Goldtone Studded Bangle
Vintage 1960s Crown Trifari Goldtone Studded Bangle, signed 'Trifari©' with a crown symbol above the..
Vintage Crown Trifari White C-Hoop Earrings
Size: 31mm outer diameter, 8 - 11mm thickness Signed 'TRIFARI' with the crown logo above the T...
Vintage Crown Trifari 1962 Wheat Grass Earrings
Size: 26 x 15mm Signed 'TRIFARI ©' with the crown logo. Good - very good condition, some minor ..
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Vintage Crown Trifari Loop Swirl Brooch Earrings Demi
Brooch: 55 x 54mm Earrings: 22 x 22mm Signed 'TRIFARI©' with the crown logo above the 'T' ..
Vintage Crown Trifari Scrolling Swirl Goldtone Pendant Necklace
Size: 28" chain, 85 x 58mm pendant Signed 'TRIFARI ©' with the crown logo above the 'T'. Excell..
Vintage Trifari Sunburst Teardrop Pendant Necklace
Size: 24.5" chain, 56 x 69mm pendant Signed 'TRIFARI ©' on the pendant, the chain is not origin..
Vintage Crown Trifari Faux Pearl Grape Cluster Set
Brooch: 67 x 50mm Earrings: 27 x 19mm Signed 'TRIFARI©' with a crown above the 'T' symbol. This ..