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Vintage Blue White Optical Geometric Scarf
Vintage 1970s Blue and White Optical Geometric Scarf Size: 26 x 26" Label: WPL 10360, Made in - pr..
Vintage Morsly NY Brown Striped Scarf
Vintage 1970s Morsly NY Brown Striped Scarf. Size: about 21 x 21" Label: Morsly NY, Product of Jap..
Vintage 16.5" Japan Faux Pearl Necklace
Size: 16.5" length, 7mm beads Marked 'JAPAN'. Very good condition, although there is green oxidat..
Vintage Japan Fuji Pagoda Brooch
Size 41 x 31mm Marked 'JAPAN'. Fine condition, lots of aging on the base, there is green corrosio..
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Vintage Japan Four Pearl Square Earrings
Vintage 1950s Japan Four Pearl Square Silvertone Clip Earrings, marked 'Japan'. Fine condition with ..
Vintage Japan Polka Dot Button Earrings
Vintage 1950s Japan Polka Dot White Round Button Earrings, clip earrings. Marked 'JAPAN'. Very good ..
Vintage Japan Peach Glass Pearl Earrings
Vintage 1950s Japan Peach Glass Faux Pearl Earrings, clip earrings. Marked 'JAPAN'. Very good condit..
Vintage Japan Celluloid Pink Floral Brooch
Size: 45 x 26mm Marked 'JAPAN'. Good condition, the pinback has lots of patina, some rust spots..
Vintage Japan Rose Bouquet Plastic Brooch
Size: 39 x 21mm Marked 'JAPAN'. Good condition, small lightweight molded plastic brooch, possib..
Vintage Japan Green Beaded 2-strand Necklace
Size: 14" - 16" length, 7 - 16mm beads Marked 'JAPAN'. Good - very good condition, darkening on..
Vintage Japan Aqua Glass Faux Pearl Necklace
Size: 13.25" - 15.5" length, 6mm - 13mm beads Marked 'JAPAN'. Good condition, the end faux pear..
Vintage Japan Orange Clay Beaded Necklace
Size: 19" - 21" length, 11mm beads Marked 'JAPAN'. Good condition, these are much more vibrant ..
Vintage Japan White Beaded 2-Strand Necklace
Size: 20.5" length shorter strand, 10mm beads Marked 'JAPAN'. Good condition, aging on the end ..
Vintage Japan Peach Faux Pearl Necklace
Size: 16.25" length, 4.5 - 12mm beads Marked 'JAPAN'. Good condition with aging, the clasp has ..
Vintage Japan Apple Green Cluster Earrings
Size: 24 x 22mm Marked 'JAPAN'. Fine condition, the clips have aged and has a rough and tarnish..
Vintage Japan Pink Grey Cluster Earrings
Size: 25 x 24mm Marked 'JAPAN'. Good condition with aging to the head pins (patina), slight scu..
Vintage Japan Triple Faux Pearl Pinwheel Earrings
Size: 14 x 15mm design Marked 'JAPAN'. Fine-good condition with aging on the metal, the plating..
Vintage Japan Pink M-O-P Shell Cluster Earrings
Size: 24 x 25mm, 23 x 30mm Marked 'JAPAN'. Good condition, aging on the clips. The earrings are..
Vintage Japan White Acrylic Cluster Earrings
Size: 27mm Marked 'JAPAN'. Good condition with aging, the earrings are wired acrylic white bead..
Vintage Japan Opalite Orange Cluster Earrings
Size: 29mm Marked 'JAPAN'. Good condition, aging on the beads and wires, the clips have wear on..
Vintage Japan Red Glass Cluster Earrings
Size: 28mm Marked 'JAPAN'. Raw brass clips have some patina from age, the brass wires have dark..
Vintage Japan Purple Faux Pearl Cluster Earrings
Size: 27mm Marked 'JAPAN'. Good condition, note one of the clips has broken halfway on the top ..
Vintage Japan White Faux Pearl Round Earrings
Size: 20mm Marked 'JAPAN'. Good condition, some scuffs on the surface which is normal, one tiny..
Vintage Japan Pastel Pink Faux Pearl Necklace Demi Set
- Necklace: 15" - 17" adjustable length, 6 - 17mm beads Marked 'JAPAN'. Good condition, some wear o..
Vintage Japan Milk Glass Crystal Multistrand Necklace Set
- Necklace: about 15" - 17" length adjustable, 5.5 - 9mm beads Marked 'JAPAN'. Excellent condition,..
Vintage Japan Goldtone Beaded 2-Strand Necklace
Size: 20.75" shorter strand, 7.5mm beads Marked 'JAPAN' on the clasp. Good condition, slight sc..
Vintage Japan Antq-Silvertone Faux Pearl Leaf Necklace
Size: 14.75-16.75" adjustable length, 16mm height Marked 'JAPAN' on the clasp. Very good condit..
Vintage Japan Cream Faux Pearl Multistrand Demi
Necklace: 14.5-15.5", 8-17mm beads each strand Earrings: 30mm Signed 'JAPAN' on the earring clip..