Shop for vinage stick pins and hat pins by Lemon Kitscharms. Use them as a unique way to secure scarves or adorn lapels.

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1980s Pink Butterfly Cloisonne Stick Pin
Vintage 1980s Pink & Purple Cloisonne Enamel Butterfly Stick Pin, very good condition. Some agin..
Retro Red Fuzzy Heart Stick Pin
Size: 25 x 27mm heart, 60mm length Very good condition, this is a kitsch looking heart with ..
Vintage Small Goldtone Heart Stick Pin
Size: 9 x 7mm heart, 60mm length Fine condition, some loss of plating on the heart edges, an..
Vintage Holly Bells Stick Pin
Vintage 1970s-80s Holly Bells Stick Pin, good condition with aging on goldtone, especially on the in..
Vintage Ribbon Bow Stick Pin
Size: 56 x 11mm Very good condition, normal aging on the rhinestone. Cute wire ribbon bow with ..
Vintage Initial 'F' Goldtone Stick Pin
Size: 63 x 12mm Good condition with normal aging and slight wear on the gold-plating. ..
Vintage Initial 'A' Stick Pin
Size: 68 x 10mm Good condition with some scuffs on the polished gold-plating. Rubber clutch is ..
Vintage White Lucite Blade Stick Pin
Size: 17cm, 16mm widest Good condition with aging, the brass stick has patina spots, as well as..
Vintage Baroque Scroll Stick Pin
Size: 23 x 33mm design Very good condition with minor aging. Victorian-styled stamped stick pin..
Vintage Art Deco Bakelite Stick Pin
Size: 78 x 12mm Very good condition, minor aging on the metal. The previous owner says it tests..
Vintage Pear Fruit Stick Pin
Size: 67 x 16mm Gold-plated pear fruit, stick pin has patina and aging as shown in photo. In ve..
Vintage Ram Aries Goldtone Stick Pin
Size: 66 x 14mm Good condition, some aging. The clutch does have some wear & scuffs on the ..
Retro Green Jade Scalloped Stick Pin
Size: 57 x 13mm Fine condition with aging (darkening of goldtone) and wear on the back. There i..
Vintage Clear Acrylic Brass Stick Pin
Size: 91 x 16mm Fine condition, well worn by previous owner. Scuffs on the faux pearls and on t..
Vintage Cameo Red Small Stick Pin
Size: 70mm length, 14 x 16mm head Excellent condition with minor scuffs. Little plastic cameo i..
Vintage Initial 'H' Rhinestone Stick Pin
Size: 62 x 13mm Very good condition with minor scuffs on the 'H'. The clutch is a star shaped s..
Vintage Enamel Blue Flower Stick Pin
Size: 58 x 22mm Fine condition, the clutch is not original to the pin. Enamel has some chipping..
Vintage Initial 'M' Stick Pin
Size: 65 x 16mm Very good condition on the front, plating still shiny. Silvertone. The back is ..
Vintage Red Glass Faux Pearl Stick Pin
Size: 10.3cm length, 45 x 8mm Fine-good condition, the faux glass pearls have chipped coatings...
Vintage Initial 'F' Stick Pin
Size: 57mm, 12 x 10mm Very good condition, some aging on the metal. I have given it a light pol..
Vintage Faux Pearl Hat Pin
Size: 185 x 18mm In fine condition, mostly because there is wear on the faux pearls and aging o..
Vintage Eggs on Rocks Stick Pin
Size: 66 x 20mm excluding chain Faux pearls nested in an oxidised-brasstone or coppertone dimpl..
Vintage Blue Star Sapphire Glass Stick Pin
Size: 60 x 13mm Rhinestone studded with a glass cab that is made to resemble a blue-star sapphi..
Vintage Wirework Butterfly Trembler Stick Pin
Size: 87 x 38mm expandable Butterfly with blue rhinestone eyes, trembler wings suspended by spr..
Vintage Idlewild Stick Pin
Size: 80 x 22mm Fine-good condition with aging and wear, I polished the metal after taking the ..