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Vintage M High School Pin
Size: 15 x 17mm (main pin) Fine-good condition, lots of aging and wear revealing silvertone...
Vintage Los Caballeros Coat of Arms Pin
Size: 17 x 10mm, 6.5 x 5.5mm Marked 'GF' (gold filled). Good condition, aging on the pieces,..
Vintage USPS Use Zip Code Pin
Size: 38mm Marked on the back but I cannot decipher it. Fine condition, scuffs on the surfac..
Vintage Sundance Badge Pin
Size: 51mm Fine-good condition for its age, lots of scuffs on the surface from use. The pinb..
Vintage United Future Stewardess Plastic Pin
Size: 67 x 20mm Marked 'STOFFEL SEALS, TUCKAHOE N.Y. PAT NO. 3,202,223'.  Fine - good c..
Vintage Meyer WWII Lt. Colonel Insignia Pins
Size: 29 x 27mm each Signed 'SHOLD-R-FORM N.S.MEYERS INC. NEW YORK' on one, and 'MPS 7M' on ..
Vintage Knights Templar Masonic Medal Pin
Size: 77 x 46mm Very good condition, slight wear on the fabric, slight aging on the back of ..
Vintage Plain Kilt Safety Pin
Size: 50 x 10mm Unused vintage stock on card, slight aging. Very good condition, rosegoldtone c..
Vintage Initial 'B' Kilt Safety Pin
Size: 61mm, 18 x 9mm initial Good condition with minor aging, plating still shiny. There is a v..
Vintage Native American Eagle Safety Pin
Size: 54 x 20mm Giant safety pin in good condition. Minor aging on metal areas surrounding the ..
Vintage Double Rhinestone Safety Kilt Pin
Size: 51 x 11mm Good condition, but with patina on the metal and aging on the pronged-set rhine..
Retro Enamel Safety Pin Set of 3
Size: 20mm length Unworn stock on card, though the cards are a little dusty. Adorable little sa..