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Vintage Blue White Geometric Beaded Collar Necklace
Vintage 1960s Blue & White Faux Pearl Geometric Beaded Collar Necklace, very good - excellent co..
Vintage Black Gold MOP Shell Victorian-Style Necklace
Vintage 1950s Black & Gold with M-O-P Shell Chips Victorian-Style Centerpiece Necklace, very goo..
Vintage 1950s Rainbow Confetti Lucite Cream Necklace
Vintage 1950s Rainbow Confetti Lucite Cream Choker Necklace, good condition, although the backs have..
Vintage 1950s Brown Lucite Egyptian Style Necklace
Vintage 1950s Brown Thermoset Lucite Egyptian Style Necklace, unsigned beauty, based on the end dang..
Vintage Sarah Coventry 1978 'Egyptian' Necklace
Vintage 1978 Sarah Coventry 'Egyptian' Necklace, signed 'SARAH COV' with the signature tag. Very goo..
Vintage 1960s Flat Collar Goldtone Necklace
Vintage 1960s Flat Collar Goldtone Necklace, Egyptian style. Good condition, some normal aging and s..
Vintage Sarah Coventry Mesh Ribbon Necklace
Vintage 1970s Sarah Coventry Goldtone Mesh Ribbon Bow Necklace, signed 'SARAH COV'. Excellent condit..
Vintage Sarah Coventry 1963 Molten Topaz Necklace
Vintage Sarah Coventry 1963 'Molten Topaz' Necklace, in fine- good condition, signed '©SARAHCOV' on ..
Vintage Sarah Coventry Green Lucite Necklace
Vintage 1960s Sarah Coventry Green Marbled Lucite Teardrop Pendant Necklace, signed '©COVENTRY' on t..
Vintage 1970s Red Glass Jewel Teardrop Necklace
Vintage 1970s Red Faceted Glass Jewel Teardrop Pendant Necklace, good condition. The pendant is quit..
Vintage Green Glass Victorian Style Goldtone Necklace
Vintage 1970s Emerald Green Glass Victorian Style Goldtone Pendant Necklace, very good condition. Ni..
Vintage 1940s Pink Floral Swirl Goldtone Necklace
Vintage 1940s Purple & Pink Floral Swirl Centerpiece Goldtone Necklace, good condition. Normal a..
Vintage 1940s Rhinestone Spiral Ribbon Necklace
Vintage 1940s Clear Rhinestone Swirl Ribbon Centerpiece Goldtone Necklace, fine-good condition for i..
Vintage Pink Rose Glass Intaglio Necklace
Vintage 1970s Pink Rose Glass Intaglio Pendant Necklace, very good conditon. The chain has some dull..
Vintage Floral Embroidery Pendant Necklace
Vintage 1960s-1970s Black Floral Embroidery Pendant Necklace, good condition. The chain has darkened..
Vintage 1970s Pink Rose Porcelain Y Necklace
Vintage 1970s Pink Rose Porcelain Y Chain Goldtone Necklace, excellent condition. This does not look..
Vintage Love is Chuck & Phyllis Necklace
Vintage 1970s 'Love Is Chuck and Phyllis' Engraved Heart Pendant Necklace, good condition. The gold-..
Vintage 1970s Articulated Fish Necklace
Vintage 1970s Articulated Twotone Fish Pendant Necklace, good condition with normal aging. The chain..
Vintage Pink Gemstone Sterling Silver Necklace
Vintage 1970s Pink Gemstone Drop Sterling Silver Necklace, not sure what the gemstone is, it is redd..
Whitetone Horse Pendant Necklace
Whitetone Horse Pendant Necklace, excellent condition. The small horse pendant is double-sided and l..
Blue Fairy Dust Necklace
Blue Fairy Dust Pendant Necklace, excellent condition. The pendant has a fairy motif holder and a gl..
Blacktone Gothic Style Choker Necklace
Blacktone Gothic Style Choker Necklace, fine-good condition. The main problem is mostly due to wear ..
Vintage Smokey Grey Rhinestone Choker Necklace
Vintage Smokey Grey Rhinestone Choker Necklace, excellent condition. This is a very short necklace m..
1990s Black Rhinestone Chevron Necklace
Black Rhinestone Chevron Necklace, very good condition. The back is ox-silvertone and the extender i..
Vintage 1970s Avon Goldtone Chain Necklace
Vintage Avon Goldtone Chain Necklace, signed '©AVON', 1970s-1980s. Very good - excellent condition, ..
Vintage J Jay Antique Goldtone Scalloped Necklace
Vintage 1970s J JAY Antiqued-Goldtone Scalloped Centerpiece Necklace, signed ©J.JAY (or looks like i..
1980s Opal & Clear Rhinestone Goldtone Necklace
Retro 1980s Opal & Clear Rhinestone Centerpiece Goldtone Necklace, good condition with minor nor..
Vintage Park Lane Faux Pearl Chain Necklace
Vintage 1970s Faux Pearl Connector Goldtone Chain Necklace, signed 'PARK LANE'. Fine condition, most..