Shop for vintage men's accessories & jewellery: bolo ties, cuff links, tie clips and tie tacks from the 1920s-1980s.

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Vintage I.A.A.B.O. Basketball Tie Clip
Size: 41 x 13mm Fine condition, lots of aging, there are scuffs on the metal, and the back h..
Vintage Bomber Plane Tie Clip
Size: 53 x 12mm Fine condition, lots of aging on the metal, left side plating is starting to..
Vintage Fighter Jet Plane Tie Clip
Size: 43 x 12mm Fine condition, has lots of aging, the silvertone has darkened in some areas..
Vintage Initial L Gunmetal Tie Tack
Size: 12 x 8mm Very good condition, slight scuffs on the surface but not noticeable when wor..
Vintage Simple Cream Bead Tie Tack
Size: 8mm Very good condition, silvertone with a greyish-cream bead ball prong set in the cente..
Vintage Hickok Floral Motif Tie Tack
Size: 11mm Clutch is marked 'Hickok U.S.A.'. Good condition, some aging and wear on the goldton..
Vintage Two-tone Square Tie Tack
Size: 7.5mm Fine condition, aging (darkening of goldtone) and some wear. There is a dull spot o..
Vintage Swank Moonglow Blue Tie Tack
Size: 13mm Signed 'SWANK'. Good condition, there is a small streak scuff on the blue cab (appea..
Vintage Initial 'A' Tie Tack
Size: 10mm Still on card, a crosshatched texture tab with knife-edged corners. It is etched an ..
Vintage Green Gemstone Tie Tack
Size: 9mm Very good condition, aging on the back of the the pin showing some flea bites on the ..
Vintage Textured Rod Tie Clip
Size: 42 x 7mm Very good condition, normal aging, minor wear. Pale goldtone crosshatched surfac..
Vintage Swank 1930s 'RH' Tie Bar Chain
Size: 67 x 66mm Signed 'SWANK'. Fine-good condition, wear on the plating, on the monogrammed pi..
Vintage Stone Nugget Tie Clip
Size: 34 x 14mm Good condition, glue has discoloured brownish though and extends to the left si..
Vintage Light Grey Plain Tie Clip
Size: 41 x 7mm Fine condition, with aging to the silvertone clip - there is one spot on the sid..
Vintage Small Gunmetal-tone Tie Clip
Size: 22 x 9mm Good condition, little clip with a dark grey metallic finish, the coat has worn ..
Vintage Rhinestone Crosshatched Tie Clip
Size: 35 x 6mm Good - very good condition, some wear on the gold-plating of the clips. Fronts a..
Vintage Faux Pearl Silvertone Tie Clip
Size: 44 x 8mm Fine condition, rhodium-plated though the front polished rectangle has age spots..
Vintage Cream Bead Tie Clip
Size: 32 x 9mm Fine condition, lots of wear on the goldtone clip revealing the silvertone. The ..
Vintage Blue White Enamel Copper Tie Clip
Size: 42 x 21mm Clip is marked 'PAT. 2853761' (this is a 1957 patent for the clip hardware). En..
Vintage Hickok Iniital 'LB' Tie Clip
Size: 51 x 14mm Signed 'HICKOK USA'. Fine-good condition, some wear on the polished front of th..
Vintage Striped Goldtone Glass Tie Clip
Size: 41 x 10mm Good condition with aging, some wear on the clips. This is a grey-black striped..
Vintage Carnelian Slab Tie Clip
Size: 51 x 20mm Marked 'PAT 2853761' on the clip. The patent is for the design of the clip regi..
Vintage H&H US Navy Submarine Tie Clip
Size: 45 x 15mm Marked with a symbol, H&H inside an eagle - probably Hilborn-Hamburger, Inc..
Vintage Crosshatched Goldtone Tie Clip
Size: 58 x 6mm Marked with an 'S' logo. Good condition, some wear on the plating, there is a li..
Vintage Robbins Co. Rocket Tie Clip
Size: 32 x 23mm Signed 'Robbins Co Attleboro'. Good condition, normal aging, there is one scuff..
Vintage Striped Connector Chain Tie Bar
Size: 80 x 4mm, 4.5mm thick chain Good condition, minor aging. There is a minor rust spot at th..
Vintage Hickok Initial 'W' Tie Clip
Size: 22 x 42mm Signed 'Hickok USA'. Fine condition, scuffs on the front. Also the black area h..
Vintage Krementz 1930s Chain Tie Bar
Size: 60 x 3mm, 9 x 14mm rectangular piece Signed 'Krementz USA'. Fine condition with aging (da..