Shop for vintage and retro scarf clips by Lemon Kitscharms. These are used as a decoration for fastening scarves.

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1980s MJ Ent Croissant Scarf Clip
Retro 1980s M.J. Ent Croissant Shaped Goldtone Scarf Clip. Good - very good condition, althought wit..
Retro Berry Wreath Goldtone Scarf Clip
Vintage - Retro Berry Wreath Goldtone Scarf Clip, very good - excellent condition. It is gold-plated..
Retro Piscitelli Wing Scarf Slide
Size: about 41 x 37mm Signed but it is not completely printed, I think it reads 'Piscitelli ©' ..
Vintage Heart Floral Scarf Clip - Brooch
Size: 35 x 36mm Fine - good condition, due to some rusting occurring on the scarf clip area, th..
Retro BJ Red Glass Scarf Clip
Size: 53 x 43mm Signed '©B..J.'. Unworn retro stock in excellent condition. Front is a large fa..
Retro BJ Opalite Glass Scarf Clip
Size: 53 x 43mm Signed '©B..J.'. Unworn retro stock in excellent condition. Front is a large fa..
Retro Ox-brass Deco Style Scarf Clip
Size: 65 x 40mm Unworn retro stock, good condition, the faux pearl in the center has scratches...
Retro Antq-Goldtone Pearl Oval Scarf Clip
Size: 53 x 42 Unworn retro stock, faux pearl surface on the front has many scratches. You can w..
Retro Monogram Goldtone Scarf Clip
Size: 40 x 41mm Unworn retro stock, very good condition, slight scuffs on the surface. Gold-pla..
Vintage Red-White-Blue Rhinestone Scarf Clip
Size: 17 x 16mm Good condition, aging on the goldtone clip turning dull. The rhinestones part a..
Retro Monogram Silvertone Scarf Clip
Size: 40 x 40mm Good condition with minor aging and some nicks on the surface. The clip does no..
Vintage Fleur-de-lis Goldtone Scarf Slide
Size: 45 x 35mm Good condition but with fine scratches on the front. Some dulling of metal at t..
Retro Square Wavy SIlvertone Scarf Clip
Size: 33mm Fine condition. Aging on the metal & some wear, on the back there are signs of r..
Retro Faux Pearl Goldtone Ribbed Scarf Clip
Size: 42mm Good - very good condition, wear on the faux pearl and aging on the metal (dulling)...
Vintage Aqua Crackle Glass Scarf Clip
Size: 42 x 20mm In good condition, a few chips off the plating on the back & rims, and agin..
Retro Teardrop Ring Scarf Clip
Size: 55mm diameter, 15mm width In fine - good condition, with some aging on the clip. Near the..
Retro Germany Ox-brass Studded Scarf Clip
Size: 35mm diameter Signed 'Germany'. The front is in very good condition, seems to be plated p..
Retro Lieba Silvertone Scarf Clip
Size: 35mm This versatile clip can be used as a scarf clip or accent to your clothing. Signed "..