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Vintage Avon Christmas Tree Brooch
Vintage Avon Christmas Tree Small Brooch, signed '©AVon'. 1970s-80s. Good condition, slight wear on ..
Retro Enamel Christmas Ornament Earrings
Retro 1980s Enamel Christmas Ornament Earrings, very fine condition, some wear on the back plating a..
Vintage Enamel Rhinestone Snowman Pin
Vintage 1970s Enamel Rhinestone Snowman Pin, excellent condition, nice quality gold-plated snowman w..
Christmas Tree Glitter Earrings
Christmas Tree Glitter Earrings, earring hooks are new. Whitetone, christmas tree with glitter. Siz..
Retro Green Bells Earrings
Retro 1980s Green Bells Earrings, good condition, earring hooks have a few dark spots. The green bel..
Retro Christmas Tartan Bells Earrings
Retro 1980s Christmas Tartan Bells Earrings, good - very good condition, the earring hooks have dark..
Retro Red Ribbon Bells Earrings
Retro Red Ribbon Christmas Bells Earrings, very good condition, minor aging on goldtone. Enamel bow ..
Retro White Snowman Ear Studs
Retro 1980s White Snowman Ear Studs, excellent condition. Enamel flat ear studs in goldtone, one of ..
Retro Snowman Dangling Earrings
Retro 1980s Snowman Dangling Earrings, good condition with minor aging, there is a small yellow stai..
Retro Snowman Motif Earrings
Retro 1970s-80s Snowman Motif Earrings, fine condition, no problems except for a lot of aging, the e..
Retro Christmas Bells Beaded Bracelet
Retro Christmas Bells Beaded Bracelet, fine-good condition with aging, mostly due to the bells tarni..
Vintage Snowman Cord Christmas Necklace
Vintage 1970s-80s Snowman Cord Necklace, good condition, probably made of resin or some kind of mold..
Vintage Christmas Figurine Ornaments
Vintage Christmas Mixed Figurine Ornaments, good condition with aging. Mixed lot of ornaments, five ..
Avon 2001 Partridge Pewter Ornament
Size: 78 x 55mm (metal only) Signed '©AVON 2001 SOURCE OF FINE COLLECTIBLES'. Good condition, some ..
Vintage Holly Enamel Metal Brooch
Vintage 1960s Holly Enamel Metal Brooch, very good condition, slight rub-off on the tip of the leave..
Vintage Holly Bells Stick Pin
Vintage 1970s-80s Holly Bells Stick Pin, good condition with aging on goldtone, especially on the in..
Vintage Christmas Beaded Ornaments
Vintage Christmas Beaded Ornaments, very good condition, the pink bell has a missing dangle on the i..
Vintage Glitter Christmas Bells Brooch
Vintage 1960s 70s Glitter Christmas Bells Brooch, fine condition, there are some discoloration and b..
Retro NR Angels Christmas Tree Brooch
Retro 1980s NR Angels Christmas Tree Brooch, signed 'NR' on the back. I think this is Nancy & Ri..
Retro Enamel Holly Wreath Brooch
Retro 1980s Enamel Holly Wreath Brooch, very good condition, although there is a small minor chip on..
Vintage Christmas Twin Bells Brooch
Vintage 1960s Christmas Twin Bells Brooch, average-fine condition, there is rusting occurring on the..
Retro Hallmark Peace Brooch
Retro 1980s Hallmark Peace Brooch, signed 'HALLMARK CARDS, INC'. Excellent condition, plastic brooch..
Retro 1980s Christmas Snowflake Pin
Retro 1980s Christmas Snowflake Pin/ Brooch. Excellent condition, handbeaded and made of acrylic bea..
Retro Angel Christmas Wreath Brooch
Retro 1980s Angel Christmas Wreath Brooch, good condition with some wear on the gold-plating (on the..
Goldtone Poinsettia Holly Pin
Goldtone Poinsettia Holly Pin, marked 'THAILAND'. Excellent condition, quality is pretty nice. Tac p..
Vintage AB Christmas Bells Brooch
Vintage 1950s-60s AB Christmas Bells Brooch, fine condition, chipping on coats, on the yellowish-whi..
Vintage Green Christmas Bauble Brooch
Vintage 1960s-70s Green Christmas Bauble Brooch, good condition, there are a few chips on the green ..
Retro Christmas Bear Rectangle Brooch
Retro Christmas Bear Rectangle Brooch, good condition, normal aging which shows on the white backgro..