Shop for a wide variety of vintage, retro and antique brooches on Lemon Kitscharms. Includes rhinestones, figural, vintage plastics, wreath pins etc. 1900s - 1980s. Don't forget to check out our Assorted Pins section for other pins, and the Christmas section for christmas brooches.

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Vintage Victorian Bar Brooch Pin Finding
Vintage or Antique Victorian Stamping Goldtone Pin Finding, it has an open horizontal panel in the c..
Retro Lions Club Flower Brooch
Retro Lions Club International Goldtone Flower Pin Brooch, good condition. The front has the blue 'L..
Vintage Spiral Goldtone Wreath Brooch
Vintage Zigzag Pattern Spiral Goldtone Wreath Brooch, very good condition. Shiny goldtone, large bro..
Vintage Red Rhinestones Wreath Brooch
Vintage Red Glass Rhinestone Wreath Ring Brooch, good condition, the pinback is a bit bent. Antiqued..
Vintage Avon Christmas Tree Brooch
Vintage Avon Christmas Tree Small Brooch, signed '©AVon'. 1970s-80s. Good condition, slight wear on ..
1980s Anne Klein Ribbon Bow Brooch
Retro 1980s Anne Klein Ribbon Bow Brooch, signed '©AK'. Black enamel on gold-plating, there are litt..
Antique Sterling Silver Carved Cameo Pendant Brooch
Antique Edwardian SIlver Grecian Lady Carved Cameo Pendant Brooch, about 1910s. I think this is ster..
Vintage Genuine Baltic Amber Leaves Brooch
Vintage 1970s-80s Genuine Baltic Amber Leaves Brooch, very good condition. The goldtone has some dar..
1980s Black Panther Enamel Brooch
Retro 1980s Black Panther Enamel Goldtone Brooch, excellent condition. This lively panther/ puma bro..
1990s Red Roses Bouquet Goldtone Brooch
1990s Red Roses Bouquet Brooch. Excellent condition, like never worn. Still shiny plating, there are..
Vintage 1970s Matte Goldtone Fish Brooch
Vintage 1970s Matte Goldtone Fish Brooch, fine condition. There is wear on the plating, towards the ..
Vintage Tortoise Safety Pin Brooch
Vintage 1970s Tortoise or Turtle Safety Pin Brooch, very good condition. This is not a safety pin bu..
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1980s  Painted Lady's Face Gold Ruffles Brooch
Retro Painted Lady's Face with Faux Pearl Brooch, probably 1980s. Good - very good condition, slight..
Vintage Sterling Marcasite Flower Basket Brooch
Vintage 1960s Sterling Silver Marcasite Flower Basket Brooch, very good condition. Marked 'STERLING'..
Vintage 1960s Queen Elizabeth II Brooch
Vintage 1960s Queen Elizabeth II Brooch in acrylic, unused, rare piece. Has normal age to the goldto..
1980s Rainbow Cloud Pin
1980s Rainbow Cloud Pin in excellent condition, enamel on goldtone, this is a small pin. Size: 23 x..
Vintage Avon 1972 Poodle Pin Brooch
Vintage Avon 1972 Poodle Pin Brooch, signed 'AVon ©'. Excellent condition, it is a deep goldtone (al..
Vintage Orange Stylised Cat Brooch
Vintage Orange Stylised Cat Brooch, fine - good condition, wear on the orange and green print, and s..
1980s Cat Feeding Goldtone Brooch
Retro 1980s Cat Feeding Goldtone Brooch, good - very good condition, slight scuffs on the front but ..
1980s JJ Lion Ox-brasstone Brooch
Retro 1980s JJ Lion Ox-brasstone Brooch, signed 'JJ©'. Good - very good condition, oxidised-brasston..
1980s Large Dove Goldtone Brooch
Retro 1980s Large Dove Goldtone Brooch, fine-good condition, there are nicks and scuffs on the polis..
Vintage Road Runner Bird Brooch
Vintage Road Runner Bird Brooch, fine condition, the front top knobs have wear on the plating, revea..
Vintage Gerry's Little Rooster Brooch
Vintage Gerry's Little Rooster Brooch, signed 'GERRY'S©'. Fine condition, the front has chips on the..
Vintage Nemo Little Monkey Brooch
Size: 25 x 15mm Signed 'NEMO©'. Very good condition, some aging to the rhinestones. This lit..
Vintage Mixed Rhinestone Fly Brooch
Size: 31 x 28mm Fine condition, mostly due to chips on the plating at the back revealing its..
Vintage Painted Toadstool Wood Brooch
Size: 43 x 37mm Signed on the back, but I cannot decipher what it says other than the word 'Wood'..
Vintage Japan Fuji Pagoda Brooch
Size 41 x 31mm Marked 'JAPAN'. Fine condition, lots of aging on the base, there is green corrosio..
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Vintage Rafaelian American Flag Brooch
Size: 46 x 34mm Signed '©RAFAELIAN'. Very good condition, one nick on the plating in front o..